15 Oct

Gusterthefacebuster has been on every mix I’ve made. He’s my brother, and now he has a bandcamp where you can check out some new songs and download them for free. Check it out.



19 Aug

Today was one of those “hey, let’s get in the car and just drive.” days. And I decided before I left to make a quick RANDOM ROADTRIP MIXTAPE to bring with me! Yeah yeah yeah!


This is one of the cases I didn’t finish for my last mix, it’s purdy. I’ll put up a better pic in a sec, because I’m in the car taking a day trip..suckers.


Git Ready To Git To Gittin’

19 Aug

I’m taking another roadtrip next month, which means another Roadtrip Mixtape!  Yeah!

I’ll be heading up north again, so maybe I’ll get some responses on the blog like last time I ventured over the mason-dixon line.

I dunno what it was with the last mix, but I didn’t get any comments on the blog, too many people grabbing it while on vacation, wrong areas…who knows.

However, when I went to Philly in 2010 I got a few (go back thru the older dates and check it out).  Maybe it was the area, maybe it was better packaging (read about that mess here), maybe it’s because last one had a little more of a theme…who knows.

Fresh start, new trip, new mix. Same rules? Maybe, I haven’t decided if my number of tracks will be determined by the number of hours it takes to get to my destination…we’ll see.
But anyway, it’s in the works. So keep a lookout.


10 Aug


I think I’ve mentioned putting up some videos from the bands that contributed to RoadTrip Mixtape especially since I don’t have a download of the actual mix (because part of the fun of finding it is knowing that you have one of the very few copies made)

Not all of the bands have videos, so thats why some are missing, also a couple of the bands were on the last mixtape and I already posted some of their songs (check that post out here

anyways, here’s VIDEOS !!!

ps. not all of these songs are the songs that are on the mix, just videos from the bands, so be sure to check out their youtube accounts for more video goodness.

Mic Harrison and The High Score (covering Highwayman)




Faux Ferocious



Teenage Love13



Todd Steed and the Suns of Phere

Hey there.

28 Jun

Still kicking.

Just a little update, I’m working on a Random RoadTrip Mixtape at the moment. Because sometimes, I end up getting in the car for a drive to clear my head…and I end up driving kinda far. Sunday I ended up in Bristol, TN. I wandered around, took some pictures, and it was really nice. (I’ll post some pics when I’m at my computer)

Anyway, I digress. My point is sometimes I end up traveling without plans, and I thought it might be nice to have a random mix to drop off along the way.

Especially considering my last mix had all sorts of troubles getting off the ground, the screen-print cover didn’t end up happen, the the back up kinkos plan almost fell completely through…ect ect.

So, I kinda want a redo on the last mix, put something out there in nice packaging.  And really, to show off the amazing and wonderful musicians that were so kind to allow me to use their songs.

Really, I’m not sure if I’ve actually mentioned it on here, but all the bands that contributed are super nice people as well as great musicians.  I feel really lucky that they all allowed me to use their songs

Anyway, so look for an update or two in the following days.  Along with some more music videos by the bands that contributed.



6 Jun

Well, kind of, for this trip anyway.
I’m back home and getting back to normal stuff.

BUT I’m already working on the NEXT one, hopefully in a month or two and this time I promise I’ll finish my screenprinted covers like the first one.

Because holy cow, taping together paper ones in the car left some pretty messy cases…sorry dudes.


4 Jun


Home sweet home, almost.

TN Welcome center.